What is DocuSign?
Anyone who has purchased a home in Los Angeles can tell you about the crazy amount of paperwork involved. Purchasing Los Angeles Real Estate can be a great investment but the paperwork part and coordinating time schedules for signings, fighting through traffic and traveling to and from a realtor’s office after work to sign documents…not so great. Well with DocuSign technology, the days of physically signing a 2-inch stack of papers and wasting time and gas driving to and from the realtor’s office are fast fading. DocuSign, a state of the art electronic signing technology in use since 2004, is now available and has been already used in hundreds of thousands of transactions. Instead of commuting back and forth to sign papers, you can now sign them in the comfort and ease of your own home or office.

How Does DocuSign Work?
As an IET Real Estate client using DocuSign, you need not worry about confusing or difficult to use technology.  As a matter of fact, electronically signing with DocuSign technology is easier and significantly decreases opportunities for important signatures or dates being omitted.  The simple process works as follows:

  1. IET Real Estate agent prepares documents for client to electronically sign via DocuSign website.
  2. Prepared documents are e-mailed to client for review and signature.
  3. Upon opening document, a system generated cursive signature is created; client has choice to accept signature as-is or change signature to use different cursive font.
  4. After signature acceptance client can start reviewing and signing document.  At this point client can either hit a start button, which guides user through document, stopping at every point that requires information or signature, or just scroll through document at self-guided pace, signing as needed.  As a signing aid, there are little “sign here” notices posted throughout document indicating where signature or initials are needed.
  5. Upon completion of electronic signature client can review document or simply send it away and be done. 

Why would I need to sign something electronically?
DocuSign can be helpful for clients seeking to purchase a home in another state for example. In an out of state Real Estate purchase transaction a client obviously could not meet with the realtor multiple times to review documents.  Additionally most would prefer to avoid the frustration, expense and environmental impact involved with sending and receiving multiple pages via a fax machine.  DocuSign is a great option because it solves all of these issues, it is a great option for buyers who live further away from their real estate office, live in a congested city, have limited mobility or highly value their time and don’t want to waste it when they don’t have to.  Using DocuSign will simplify the buying process, saving time and lessening stress.

Summary of The Main Advantages of using DocuSign

  1. Time: By having all your documents sent to your email account you can access the documents from anywhere there is an internet connection and sign them when your schedule allows. 
  2. Driving: You won’t have to drive to your realtor’s office every time there is something you need to sign, which means less time on the road and less gas use.
  3. Paper: When you use DocuSign you won’t have a whole heap of papers to keep track of. You can save all the documents you sign on your own computer, which also means that by the end of the transaction you won’t have a file folder bulging at the seams with all the documents you’ve signed.
  4. Versatility: DocuSign works with fast and slow internet connections, so if you use dial up you can still sign your documents online. DocuSign documents can also be viewed on a number of mobile devices such as phones and electric planners.
  5. No Pressure, Customer Paced document signing:  Don’t feel comfortable signing your financial future away without going over every word with a fine tooth comb?  Take your time; commit every document to memory before signing if that’s what makes you comfortable.  Or maybe you are an investor that has closed tens or hundreds of deals and just want to glance at the numbers, sign, e-mail back and be done with it, docusign works great for that too!!

Why IET Real Estate uses DocuSign?
At IET Real Estate we want to use technology, transactional know-how and market knowledge to create a superior customer experience.  We want clients purchasing Los Angeles Real Estate to have as smooth a transaction as possible and DocuSign helps us make progress towards these goals.  As a founding member of the Electronic Records & Signature Association (ESRA), DocuSign has taken a leadership role in pushing the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry forward towards adoption of truly paperless transactions.


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2 Responses to Electronic Signatures for Los Angeles Real Estate Transactions using DocuSign Technology

I have been using Docusign for over a year. It is an amazing time saver for me and my clients and so much more professional than the illegible faxed copies.

Posted by Phyllis Harb on Sunday, November 1st, 2009 at 5:27am

Hi Phyllis,

Thank you very much for visiting our site!


Posted by Ben Nicolas on Sunday, November 1st, 2009 at 8:01am

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