Its that time of year again... 

NBA Playoff time in Los Angeles and the Lakers (like they usually do) have a legitimate shot at taking the title again this year.  2nd best record in the league, returning everyone from a team that should have won the whole thing last year if it wasn't for a complete meltdown in game 4 at Staples Center.  Plus with the addition of a healthy Trevor Ariza and Andrew Bynum things look very good for Phil Jackson's crew.



What does this mean?

Get ready to start seeing all those fair weather fans that probably can't name a player on another team in the entire league and still might think Shaq is on the team place their Purple & Yellow Laker flags on their cars.  This is LA of course and everyone always loves to try and associate with a frontrunner.  I guess this makes them feel cool.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to assoicate with a winner that will make you look good list or buy your next home with IET Real Estate but I digress...

Game Highlight 
Lakeshow looked pretty good in their game one dismantling of the Jazz.  Play of the game had to be Ariza stealing the ball on an attempted pass to the post and racing coast to coast for the sick come around jam on the Jazz's best player, Carlos "I looked like a" Boozer (when I let Ariza run right past me like that)


Though I've lived in LA for a long time I'm not really a Laker fan, I just love the game of basketball.  There's really nothing I admire about a bunch of primadonnas that make millions for playing a game and whine about every foul called against them.  IMHO the best part of the Lakers organization is the Lakers Girls.  I do respect a group of individuals that come together and overcome adversity, put in hard work and reach a common goal though, at any level: NBA, NCAA, High School whatever....  So if the Lakers are able to do that this year I will be impressed and I will respect them for their accomplishment.  Having to hear all the noise from the fair weather fans that don't really understand the game will be annoying but after 13 years of living in Los Angeles I guess I'm used to it...  For better or worse the Lakers and their wackjob fan base that ranges from A-list movie stars to Hot Dog Vendors and Parking Lot attendents are an LA institution.  I guess at this point the Lakers Flags in late spring / early summer are kind of like a holiday tradition to us veteran Angelenos...



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