THE IET Difference

Work Ethic

Our agents are not recruited by being told they will get rich quick without ever having to do anything.  Our team members understand that nothing worth having is ever achieved without hard work.


Being accessible via phone and e-mail for our clients is something we take pride in.  If at any time you are having difficulty with this, please contact us here for an immediate resolution.  You can also contact the Broker of the Company direct via cell phone anytime at 310-874-1278.

Commitment to Excellence

No, this has nothing to do with being part of "Raider Nation".  Excellence in terms of original, unique, thought-provoking information and direct access to actionable content for buyers and sellers of Greater Los Angeles Area Real Estate.  We begin this commitment by doing our best to make sure this website is not cluttered with cut and paste, overly general, useless template material plagiarized from other websites.  Our goal with is to strive to consistently provide informative and educational content that helps potential Los Angeles Real Estate buyers and sellers.