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We specialize in discreet sales of properties in or near foreclosure.  We typically work with property owners overburdened with debt or with unsustainable financing terms. 

Prior to the historical turmoil in the U.S. economy many of our clients had never had anything derogatory reported to their credit.  Our clients don’t want to sidestep responsibility but realize they are in financial positions that aren’t improving.  Unfortunately, many people have gone through retirement savings or college tuition funds only to prolong the inevitable. The people we are able to help most effectively have realized that what they are doing won’t last, and desire a solution that allows them to maintain their dignity and privacy.  We provide solutions that end the downward spiral of unsustainable debt associated with an overleveraged property.  Most of our clients have attempted loan modifications.  Usually, they have either been offered something that doesn’t change their financial situation or has been turned down completely and are left with a choice of relieving themselves of debt with dignity or ignoring the problem and losing the property in shame and embarrassment.

We understand and can relate to the emotional stress, frustration, and embarrassment of having to make decisions under these circumstances.

Our commitment to maintaining our clients’ privacy is sincere.  On multiple occasions, we have eliminated traditional marketing measures such as yard signs and syndicating our clients' homes across the internet to adhere to our client's privacy wishes.  Per client request, we can also accommodate “appointment only” showings to eliminate uninvited Agents & Buyers intruding into your personal space.

With our service, buyers viewing your property will have had their income, assets, and job history pre-screened by experienced lending professionals familiar with today’s rapidly changing mortgage environment.  In addition to handling the buyers and agents, we provide full-service negotiations with all existing lien holders.  We submit complete packages, monitor foreclosure timelines, negotiate extensions and follow up persistently until we receive approval that will allow your property to sell in today’s market.  Have back taxes, judgments, private party liens, or past HOA dues attached to the property?  Be sure to let us know everything upfront because oftentimes we can negotiate releases for these too.

Our post-closing services include coordinating moving and new living arrangements, as well as counseling related to re-establishing credit for future home purchases.

The best part, these services are provided at no cost to property owners.  Our fees are paid from the purchase money the buyer we find pays to the existing lien holders.

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