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As any Real Estate Company would, we always welcome experienced agents with proven histories of production and sound business practices but agents in that group usually aren't looking for work...

We've seen people with no experience come in and have great success in our industry.  Here are some life experiences and personality/character traits that we've noticed in successful agents without prior industry experience.

  • You have a solid work ethic:  You've had to work hard for everything in your life.  You weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth.  You paid your way through school.  You've had to make your own way in life before.  You aren't afraid of rolling up your sleeves and putting in an honest days work.
  • You deal well with adversity:  You've dealt with and overcome personal or family health or financial problems.
  • Failure is not an option:  You need to earn income to support your family/children.
  • You are a self-starter: You take initiative to do things without hand holding.
  • You hold yourself accountable:  If you want to do Real Estate so you don't have a boss and can work 3 hour days IET Real Estate IS NOT the right company for you.  If you want to be in Real Estate because you are the type of person that puts 110% into anything you take on and you'd like to finally see some ROI (Return on Investment) on your personal efforts IET Real Estate IS the right company for you.  You subscribe to the belief that everyone can determine their own outcome in life, if you want something and you work hard enough for it, you'll get it. 
  • You're not a whiner or a complainer.
  • You are trustworthy.
  • You are a person of action:  When given an assignment or a challenge you stop at nothing until the job gets done.  Your persistence is overwhelming.  You don't let obstacles or excuses get in the way of accomplishing your goals.  You have a solid ethical way of conducting yourself at all times and no matter what, rain or shine, you make it happen!


Again, while we welcome experienced agents that do business the right way...If any of these traits apply to you and you aren't afraid of moving into a much higher tax bracket, Contact Us.


IET Real Estate is for individuals looking to suceed.  Excuse makers need not apply.  Are you willing to dedicate yourself?
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