IET Property Selling Strategy

Listing Presentation

  1. CMA
  2. Review comps (active, pending, & sold)
  3. Review reasons for selling
  4. Review timeline for selling
  5. Discuss market conditions and selling strategies
  6. Confirm all decision makers are in agreement with plan to sell
  7. Determine Selling Price
  8. Review Net Sheet.
    • Review Tax Consequences
  9. Complete Listing paperwork
Marketing Plan
  1. Order Yard Sign
  2. Advise on how to best enhance property presentation to potential buyers
    • Discuss staging services if applicable
  3. E-mail Flyers
  4. Put Property on MLS
    • Minimum 6 color digital photos with proper lighting
    • Listing syndication to:
      2. Zillow, Cyberhomes
      3. Trulia
  5. Open Houses if property is in demand area
  6. Create Property flyers
  7. Property website (or dedicated page on our website, seller can register address specific domain to point to this page)
  8. Create database of any and all buyers and agents that inquire about the property
    • Follow up
    • Get feedback from
Closing Assistance
  1. Prescreen buyers for loan qualifying capability
  2. Contract Review
    • make sure you’re not getting screwed
    • make sure you close on time, per your schedule
    • make sure buyer doesn’t have to many ways to escape without losing their deposit
    • make sure buyer can’t tie your property up and waste your time and then never close
    • Make sure buyers remove their contingencies in a timely manner
  3. Discuss Closing Partners we recommend
    • Discounts we’ve negotiated
    • Personalized service through existing relationship
    • Change of address form -
Service Provided Throughout Transaction
  1. Constant communication & accessibility via phone, e-mail and text messaging
  2. Trust/Honesty/Transparency
  3. Helpful and make you feel comfortable doing everything possible to sell home as fast as possible for the maximum price
  4. Handle all details of coordinating the sale for you so you can focus on other responsibilities

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