This article headline caught my attention. 


Now I guess every builder/developer/real estate investor/agent/realtor better mention that any excess undefined area of a property could be used as a potential "she shed" as well as a "man cave" or they might be exposing themselves to a lawsuit over sexism & gender inequality...FML

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All Information below provided courtesy of the Office of our beloved Councilman Mitch O'Farrell and his Council District 13 loyal and hardworking staff members.


IET Real Estate would like to remind you about one of the City's signature events taking place this weekend in the great 13th District -- the Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake. In addition to the food and music, Mitch O'Farrel, Councilman from the city's 13th district is working with Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and Amanda Foundation to host a pet adoption event at the festival.

In addition to the pet adoption event, LAAS and Amanda Foundation will provide services to pet owners, like spay and neuter certificates and discounted vaccination opportunities. The organizations will also…

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