Every Angelino knows that the city is experiencing a housing crisis with seemingly no end in sight. The opinions vary on who’s at fault and what can be done to fix it. But either way, home buyers and renters can agree that something has to change.

Luckily, in 2019, California lawmakers passed new legislation regarding additional dwelling units (ADU’s) that could help alleviate the affordable housing shortage. 

Keep reading to learn more about ADU’s, the new rules that took effect in 2020, and what it means for Los Angeles. 

What are Additional Dwelling Units or ADU’s?

If you’ve never heard the term ADU, you’re probably familiar with one of its colloquial names: in-law suite, granny flat, guest house, backyard bungalow… 

They all describe…

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Los Angeles is filled with some of the best restaurants in the world, but having all those options at your disposal can be daunting. Sometimes it’s easier to spend another Saturday evening at your regular ramen noodle bar than try to agree on a new place to eat.

That’s why DineLA is the perfect excuse to get out there and experience a new restaurant for an affordable price. The special menus run from January 17th to the 31st, so before it’s over, be sure to check out one of these 5 best DineLA deals on the East Side.

1. Mohawk Bend in Echo Park 

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Mohawk Bend is a hip, yet laid back spot on the cusp of Silverlake and Echo Park. It’s also a place where vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores will all have plenty of food options to choose from. 

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