The article fron Transunion entitled "TransUnion Study Finds Opportunity in Mortgage-Only Default Market" is the first data I've seen that shows what many real estate and mortgage industry participants have known for a long time.  People that have good credit take away mortgage lates related to a loan modification or a short sale are much lower credit risks than people that actually let their house go to foreclosure.  There are many reasons that may have forced a consumer to move at a time when due to greater macro economic circumstances there home may have been underwater.  They could have been laid off and had to find a new job in a new area being a very common cause in our current economy as an example.

I've always said that lenders want to lend,…

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How hard is it to take a decent quality photo of your listings?  How do you justify a seller paying you 5-6% for your professional marketing expertiese and you can't even take the time to take a halfway decent photo of their house.

Attention fellow lazy real estate agents:  Please stop posting blurry, low resolution photos of listings on the MLS, you are doing a diservice to your clients and only degrading public perception of our trade.










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With the recent natural disasters in Haiti, Chile and Japan I know many Californians have been asking themselves if they are properly prepared for an earthquake of similar magnitude.  I think many people realize they are not adequately coverd but either aren't sure what they should do, don't know if they can afford to insure themselves against the risk or don't know if the cost of the insurance makes financial sense.  The website below has some great information to help people answer questions regarding whether or not earthquake insurance is right for you. 

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