October 2020

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Every region of the country has its own natural disasters to worry about like tornados and hurricanes, and of course, for California, we have earthquakes and wildfires. While they all can be equally destructive, most forces of nature can be predicted somewhat in advance... except earthquakes. There's no warning on the local weather forecast giving residents time to evacuate or prepare their homes.

In recent years, though, science and technology have advanced enough to create the MyShake smartphone app that gives Los Angelenos a few seconds to brace themselves before the ground starts to rumble. Ground motion sensors placed throughout the state can detect that an earthquake has begun before humans can feel any shaking. For earthquakes at a 4.5

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Back in April, the Canadian-born rapper Drake opened up his home to Architectural Digest Magazine for a tour of his palatial Toronto estate. Complete with an NBA regulation-sized basketball court and a night club lounge room, the 50,000 square foot mansion feels a little more like an upscale Vegas casino than a single-family residence.

Designed by Ferris Rafauli, "The Embassy," as it's referred to, is the pinnacle of extravagance and luxury. Take the tour for yourself by checking out the pictures below. 


In designing Drake's home, Rafauli set out to create a 19th-century limestone manor, while the decor was designed around a modern Art Deco aesthetic. Drake sits at the anchor of this room, his bespoke grand concert piano, made by

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Cities throughout California have "pre-sale requirements" you have to meet before you close escrow. Some requirements include inspections or paying a fee, and the specifics vary from city to city. If you're selling your house or thinking of doing so soon, it's important to be aware of your cities requirements. Some places have a very quick turn around time for scheduling inspections, but others can take weeks. Office closures due to coronavirus could make those wait times even longer. If you realize at the last minute that you need to fulfill a requirement to close escrow but the paperwork is going to take too long, you might find yourself having to pay extra for an expedited inspection. 

Not sure if your Southern California city has pre-sale

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