roof-repair_299 Deciding if it’s time for a new roof can be a little tricky. Sometimes the roof just needs a little touch up by replacing a few tiles, and other times you really do need to tear off the old roof and start from scratch. Hiring a roofing contractor or attempting to reroof yourself can be timely and expensive, so be sure to look at your options before you begin this extensive process. Check off these easy steps before you decide to put any money into this project.





  • Begin by inspecting your roof. Spring is a great time of year to inspect since winter is one of the more damaging seasons. Also with spring comes better weather, which will aid in the reroofing process. Check for cracked, warped, or missing asphalt shingles, as well as any sagging areas which could be a sign of structural damage. Look through the gutters and see if there is any sign of decay from the roof found there.
  • Inspect the inside of your home through the attic or crawl-space beneath your roof. Check for any water damage in the form of water stains on the rafters and insulation. Also cracks in paint and wallpaper could a sign of water damage
  • If you only have a few bad shingle spots then you are probably just fine to do a simple roof repair. However, if you come across weathered, brittle, and thin shingles all over your roof, this is a sign for a total reroof project. Keep in mind how old your roof is because it may be time for a new roof anyways.
  • If you have decided to completely reroof, then it is time to find a good roofing contractor. Begin your search by word of mouth and ask around if anyone knows a good roofer. Never hire the first contractor you speak to. Get a minimum of 3 bids from roofing companies and be sure that you have a list of references for each of these companies. Reroofing can be expensive, but it is a smart investment, so beware of the contractor who gives you the cheapest price. With a cheaper price comes shortcuts and often times bad quality.
  • Check with your city or community about any license you may need for reroofing. Also verify that the roofing contractors you have bids for are licensed to work in your city.
  • Draw up a contract for the roofing contractor you have chosen. Get everything in writing! Be sure to add clauses in for bad weather delays and unforeseen circumstances, such as more roof damage than you anticipated.
  • Pay a deposit to your newly hired roofing contractor. Never pay the full upfront cost!
  • If all goes well, you should have a brand new roof in about a week’s worth of time after the contractor has begun! 


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2 Responses to Is it Time for a New Roof?

We don't recommend having a homeowner inspect the roof themselves. That should be left to a professional so no harm comes of the homeowner.

Posted by Roof Repair Minneapolis on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 6:53am

I think home inspection is very essential before buying any house. My friend didn’t hire home inspection services so get a house which having problems in their ceiling and wooden material. .

Posted by Los Angeles real estate inspection on Friday, March 9th, 2012 at 2:30pm

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