California Attorney General Jerry Brown unveiled a new website aimed at ending abusive practices in the loan mod industry 

Overall this is a good thing, I think consumers should make sure that they are dealing with a licensed person/company when attempting a loan modification.  If things don't work out their should be an accountable individual or entity to deal with for the consumer.  Getting a signed advanced fee agreement is a must.  I'm still not completely convinced that homeowners get the best modifications when representing themselves though...

Also debatable is whether certain homeowners will ever face reality.  The homeowner that choose the 1% option arm over the 5.75% 30 year fixed against the advice of more conservative voices because they…

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Greater Los Angeles Area Rental Values


Thinking of buying an investment property and want to know what current market rents are?


Want to know if your maximizing the value of your property?


Want to know if your paying fair market value for your unit?

Here is a Zilpy link, bookmark it, its a cool service

Los Angeles - Craigslist is a good source too but too many scam artists on that site for my tastes.

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As I said in my last blog SB94 will have an effect on how consumers handle their mortgages SB94 has already passed the Senate and the community and now goes to the assembly there are many reasons to think this will help as well as many reason to think it would not, the bill it self is as follows 


          This bill would prohibit persons from charging advance fees to  
          borrowers in connection with a loan modification, and require  
          those who wish to charge a fee for loan modification services  
          (after performing them) to provide a specified notice to  
          borrowers regarding other options available to the borrower.   
          The violation of those…

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Never pay for Directory Assitance on your cell phone again.

I know most people have smart phones but it can be time consuming to look up info on the internet from a PDA.

Google has a free 411 service set up: GOOG-411 

I've tried it, it works well.  Its a completely automated system and you don't get to speak to a live person so if the system doesn't understand you or there is too much back ground noise you may not get good results.  I tested it with a "roebucks juice" in "torrance,ca" query and the results were accurate.

 To apply this to real estate, it may be handy next time you need a local service contractor, i.e.- plumber, electrician, roofer, termite, carpenter, window repair etc., etc.




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HOA Assistance Program offered through PWR

HOA Assistance program offered through my local association of realtors (Pacific West Association of Realtors)

Program offered through Pacific West Association of Realtors for homeowners in Southern LA and Northern Orange counties.  Funds for this program are from a charity account setup by fellow Realtors and a grant from a California Association of Realtors fund.  The program will pay up to $250/month & up to $3000 per year to the Home Owners Association for the qualifying borrower.  This program has helped over 30 families since its inception in 2007


Be sure to check with our office for qualifying guidelines and available funds before applying.

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I really don't understand this whole new phenomenom about REO listing agents (and now short sale & standard transaction agents) requiring a pre-approval from a "Direct Lender".  Maybe I'm just bitter because my client who was told by a "Direct Lender" that their financing was secure and all they had to do was find a property.  So I found them a property and then 20 days later the "Direct Lender" denies the client due to credit/employment/income factors (layered risk) that were present prior to the client being issued their pre-approval.  Maybe its because for the most part the loan reps I see at Direct Lenders at the banking institutions I go to (Bofa, Chase, Wells Fargo) are young, seemingly inexperienced and likely unlicensed.  Many loan reps working at…

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Did you know that the state of California is offering a $10,000 tax credit for homebuyers buying new construction?

Well time is running out on this great opportunity.

For more information go to CA Franchise Tax Board website at:


Update: as of July 3rd, 2009 the state has run out of funds for this program.  Sometimes when sales people are telling you that you'd have to "Act Now" its actually true....

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If all borrowers are required to sign IRS 4506-T forms that allow underwriter to verify income documentation, why do lenders require income documentation?  Shouldn't they just be able to take a signed 4506-T form get the IRS transcript and verify the income coming directly from the IRS?  Wouldn't the world be easier for loan originators and processors too if they could just order a 4506-T verification direct from the IRS covering a 2 year time period, get the transcript and divide by 24 to get the borrowers monthly income?


Just thinking out loud into the blogosphere...



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Here is an interesting application of the job loss protection gurauntees the auto industry introduced being applied to the Real Estate Market






Here is the website for the program the Real Estate Company is using as the insurance backstop for making this claim


C.A.R. launches Mortgage Protection Program (Thursday, April 2, 2009)

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